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Powiat Wodzisławski Powiat Wodzisławski Some Facts Regarding The Administrative District of Wodzisław - Powiat Wodzisławski

Some Facts Regarding The Administrative District of Wodzisław


Within the Wodzislaw District there are over 158,000 residents living within an area of almost 287 km2.

The district is made up of four towns: Radlin, Rydułtowy, Pszów and Wodzisław Śląski, as well as five municipalities: Godów, Gorzyce, Lubomia, Marklowice and Mszana.

Wodzisław District is located in the south-western part of Silesia. The southern part of the district borders The Czech Republic – the border runs along the Olza river. Three of the  municipalities within the district are located in picturesque surroundings, by the Olza and Odra rivers, not to mention the surrounding hills. The numerous ponds and lakes are a haven for water fowl, however, these are not the only ‘visitors’ that these areas attract; anglers are very fond of the ponds, which are located near the banks of Olza and Odra. Whilst on the subject of ponds, it must be stated that the “Wielikąt” pond complex, in the vicinity of Odra river, comprises nine big and several small ponds.

Another treasure of this landscape is the so-called “Switzerland of Czyżowice” which is located between Czyżowice and Bełsznica. The value of the natural landscape of the region lies in the vast ‘green areas’, which stands in contrast with the popular belief that Silesia is an area devastated by industry. This wealth of nature is also highlighted by numerous natural monuments. There are many such monuments within the district, and whilst not every tree has been registered, some have already attained measurements required to be classified as natural monuments.

Forests, hills, as well as picturesque lakes provide ideal places for the residents of the Wodzisław District to go trekking or biking. These types of activities are further promoted by the introduction of walking trails and bike paths. These grounds provide a lovely way of spending one’s free time.