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Powiat Wodzisławski Powiat Wodzisławski Bike Paths within The Administrative District of Wodzisław - Powiat Wodzisławski

Bike Paths within The Administrative District of Wodzisław


The international R4 route – The European Bike Route stretches from Middelburg to Odessa in the Ukraine.  Polish section of the route runs through several places within the Wodzisław District, and creates the following stretch: Olza – Uchylsko – Gorzyczki – Łaziska – Godów – Gołkowice.

24C – This is the so-called “Cieszyn Euroregion Loop” and it runs from the border crossing in Chałupki to the border crossing in Jasnowice. It overlaps with a section of the R4 route within the Wodzisław District.

284 – The Black Route This route branches out from route no. 320 and it leads all the way to the administrative district of Rybnik. It starts in Rydułtowy, next to the housing estate called “Upon a Hill”, and it runs towards Czernica, where one can see a wooden granary and visit the park and palace complex. The route joins route no. 320, and it branches out once again about 1.3 km down the line – running towards the towns of Piece and Szczerbice all the way to Buzowice. About 5 km down the line it once again reaches path no. 320 which is the final section of route no. 284.

315 – The Green Route – This route is about 14km long and it stretches within the district along the borders of Radlin town. It runs towards Niewiadom all the way to the harbour in Rybnik-Orzepowice.

316Y – The Yellow Route – This route is 52km long and it runs through 4 municipalities within the Wodzisław District. It links the paths situated around Rybnik with the “Cieszyn Euroregion Loop”. It runs through the following towns: Wodzisław Śl. – Turza – Turzyczka – Kolonia Fryderyk – Gorzyczki – Gorzyce – Osiny – Syrynka – Zawada – Pszów – Lubomia – Buków – Bluszczów – Rogowiec – Odra. The 316Y route ends in Olza town.

317 – The Black Path – This section is 3.7 km long and it runs within the borders of the town of Pszów.

320 – The Red Route – This route runs from The Rybnik Bay, next to the “Kotwica” Center, then it leads through Zebrzydowice via a forest path to Buzowice, and then to Rydułtowy. Along the way one can visit the old “Dicke” shaft. After riding a short distance along the Gaszowice route, one once again arrives to Rydułtowy town, and then, after riding through the forest path, one heads towards the town of Pszów.

321 – The Black Route
– Direction: Rydułtowy – Kalwaria Pszowska. At first this route overlaps with route no. 320. It runs towards Kalwaria Pszowska (there is a small section of the route where one will encounter stairs).

322 – The Green Route – Direction: Rydultowy – Pszowskie Doły – Krzyżkowice. This route also starts in Rydułtowy. Next to Pszów border it overlaps with a section of path no. 321, later heading towards Pszowskie Doły. From there, one goes via a country road towards Krzyżkowice, where the path runs into route no. 320.

323 – “The Pilgrims Path” – This path is 17.4 km long and it runs between Pszów and Jankowice. Within the district, the path runs via the towns of Pszów (the section is 4.3 km long) and Radlin (7.6 km long). There is a bike-stop in Głożyny called “Ermeżona” along the path. This path connects the routes in the districts of Wodzisław and Rybnik.

324 – The Black path – This path runs from Wodzisław Śl. towards Mszana, up to the Gołkowice-Zavada border crossing, as well as to the border crossing for tourists in Skrbeńsk. On the Czech side, the route goes for about another 10 km and runs all the way to Karvina town, where it connects with the so-called “Permonikova Route”. The total length of route no. 324 is 25.5 km.