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Powiat Wodzisławski Powiat Wodzisławski Recreation and Tourism - Powiat Wodzisławski

Recreation and Tourism


The promotion of sport and recreation amongst the residents of the region is one of the most important tasks of the administrative district. There are over 70 different types of societies and physical education associations in Wodzisław District which organize activities within a wide range of different sporting disciplines.

Schools in the district conduct school and student sports clubs which are geared towards training young people for professional competition. It needs to be emphasized that more and more clubs are being registered in the Wodzisław District Office, which means that there is a substantial rise in the interest in sports amongst the residents of the district.

There is a number of significant events organized in Wodzisław District. Events such as: the Wodzisław – Karvina – Wodzisław Bike Rally and The Administrative District Bike Rallies around the district, have become permanently embedded in the sports and recreation event calendar. There is also the Starost Cup for children in many other sport disciplines such as: swimming, table tennis, tennis, as well as sports competitions for high schools called the “High School Olympics”. The integration of the municipalities took place through the volleyball “Self-Government League”, which was initiated by the Wodzisław District Office.  It should be stressed that during these types of events, the cooperation of sports clubs and schools is outstanding.

Thanks to the periodical bike rallies organized by the Wodzisław District Office, The Wodzisław City Council, The Cycling Society of Wodzisław and The Polish Association for the Blind, local residents have the opportunity to get to see the most interesting sights in the district, not to mention the fact that these events are a great opportunity to actively take part in safe recreational activities.

Another Wodzisław District Office initiative is “Special Olympics for Disabled People” event, which is organized annually. These sport competitions are very important for many persons with disabilities who, at the Olympics, represent foundations they are associated within. The Olympics play a great part in the process of integrating this community.